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Texts on the exhibition: Hannes Sulzenbacher, Albert Lichtblau, Barbara Staudinger, Siegfried Göllner, Birgit Johler, Christiane Rothländer

Additional texts: Michael Doujak, Claire Fritsch, Wolfgang Gasser / National Fund
Editing: Michaela Niklas / National Fund
Proofreading and historical research: Martin Niklas / National Fund
Translation: Sarah Fink / National Fund

Graphics: Florin Buttinger, Thomas Eder / ARGE Grafik Bundeskanzleramt, Nikolaij Kreinjobst / National Fund
Programming: Jamel Chaabane
Coordination: Ulrich Fischer, Michael Doujak, Michaela Niklas / National Fund
Provision of data for the database database of prisoners at Auschwitz: Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance (DÖW), Vienna; Preparation of data provided by DÖW for the database of prisoners at Auschwitz: Wolfgang Gasser / National Fund
Database of perpetrators at Auschwitz: based on the study by Christiane Rothländer on Austrians among the SS guards and camp SS at Auschwitz-Birkenau
Educational materials: Association _erinnern.at_
Photos of the exhibition: Ruth Anderwald and Leo Grond

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